Miscelleaous Tips


  • Billy B’s method of applying false eyelashes: Trace upper lash line w/ adhesive, using a pointed lining brush. Let it get ‘tacky’ for a minute. Press the strip into the glue, using the back end of the brush. Courtesy if “EnjoyTheSilence”.
  • Doppelganger74’s method of applying false eyelashes: Let the glue get tacky before you apply. It really helps keep the lash from sliding around so much and making a big ole mess. Cut the lash in half & just do them on the outer corner. They are much easier to apply this way & give you that sexy cat eye look. This looks a bit more natural than using a whole strip. I also have great luck w/ individuals, they are easy to apply & look natural.
  • I took 2-11 ounce vegetable cans, washed them out thoroughly & removed the label. I then painted 1 black & 1 white w/ a glossy acrylic paint. I had some decorative ribbon, which happened to be black & white (zebra print) so I hot-glued it around the tops of the cans. They are so cute. I had trouble getting my brushes & pencils to stand upright, so I took some long grain dry rice, filled the can about 1/4-1/2 full & voila, my brushes, lip liner & eyeliner pencils fit & stand up perfectly. luv4don
  • Yellow’s really versatile IMO, yellow + blue automatically make it a really cool tone look 🙂 yellow + pink is girly, playful & warm… I personally really love yellow on the lid w/ a violet/purple in the crease or a more sophisticated yet funky look w/ yellow & a burnt burgundy in the crease.