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  1. Hi, does anyone know if Love Nectar-
    LustreGloss was discontinued? I sure hope not!
    Thank you in advance!

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  3. Ladies, stop the insanity.
    I’ve been using Three Custom Color Labs to match discontinued makeup. I couldn’t BELIEVE how well they matched. I couldn’t tell the difference, and I can always tell when people show “dupes.” They’re expensive, but worth time and money saved. The way I look at it: I’m not wasting my time going to stores and trying to match, plus I am not wasting my money only to be disappointed.
    So far, I’ve matched a Revlon lipstick. The quality is impeccable. Next, I’m matching MAC’s Seedy Pearl, because the dummies there discontinued it, while hocking a green lipstick. Such a stupid move.
    I’m willing to show you pics of my match—I’m not shilling for the match company; I’m just angry. I’m angry that MAC, Revlon and other companies keep doing this. It’s very upsetting. I let MAC know today that I’m telling everyone I can about the match company so they can learn their lesson. Hopefully, if enough of us get our faves remade it will hurt their bottom line and they’ll stop the practice, or at least make the discontinued items available to us, even if it’s at a higher premium.

  4. Wow. Thx for sharing. So upset that Mac discontinued Siss lipstick. It’s my everyday color. So what’s the name of the company that can make it??
    Thx Beckie

  5. I need the lipstick “Really me” AB7 If anyone can find this color PLEASE LET ME KNOW !!!

  6. Is this list up to date? How do I make a purchase? I tried to click on the desired product and nothing happens.

  7. No, this list isn’t maintained anymore
    But it’s useful for older info. Hope this helps

  8. Hey everyone. Try the app Poshmark or Mercari. I obtained 5 discontinued Bare Minerals eyeshadow in color fashionista. I found these apps after I realized my favorite eyeshadow(and so many more) were discontinued. Be aware that Poshmark charges a high amount for shipping, but I found most of my product on there. Good luck

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