FAQs – MAC Face Charts


I’ve purchased some MAC FACE CHARTS, but I never received the confirmation email

First of all, be patient! 🙂 We are talking computers here. We guarantee the confirmations were sent, you just probably don’t know how or where to get them. You should receive 2 confirmations: 1 from us and 1 from PayPal. Make sure you check your spam(or bulk mail) folder as well. If you would like us to resend the confirmation, please contact us here, but keep in mind, the download links are only active for 96 hours. Don’t make us to double work.

I’ve downloaded my files and they seem to be in a format I don’t understand

All MAC Face Charts found here are in “zip” format. You will need to “unzip” them into a folder to be able to see them. Please see our unzipping tutorials here.


I’ve purchased my MAC FACE CHARTS, but I waited more than 96 hours to download them. Can I re-download them after 96 hours?

Your download links will expire after 96 hours. This is to keep our security up to speed. However, as a courtesy, we can offer a one-time only “re-download” of your files. After that, you will have to purchase them again. Please contact us for that.

How can I download and see my MAC Face Charts on my iPad?


Do you offer a CD or a DVD with all the face charts?

Yes! Please look at this page and scroll down the bottom. Free shipping is only within the continental United States.


How do I back up my MAC FACE CHARTS that I’ve just downloaded?

Yes! Backing up is as important as eating food. Please read this on How to back up my MAC FACE CHARTS