Trends of Make Up

In the spectrum of styles, make up can go from the subtle “almost” au-natural to the outrageous, rainbow flare. In the 70’s and 80’s blue eye shadow was the standard, but now, only a few can pull this look off and look trendy. A current trend in makeup is the bronzer product. They fulfill our need to appear sun kissed, without the damaging UV rays that can cause skin cancer.
Overall, when it comes to make up, less is more; if you go a little overboard with your color palette, you could end up be mistaken for a clown or Lady Gaga. Although this may be agreeable with some women, most want to avoid this kind of overly flamboyant style.
Makeup has many purposes; it hides flaws and blemishes, it accentuates positive features, it attracts attention, or it makes you look older or younger. The desire of most teens is to use make up to look older, hence, in their minds anyway, they will appear more sophisticated and sexy. However, and unfortunately, we are only teenagers for a short period of time! After our 20’s, looking older is usually less and less desirable, and women start to seek out a fountain of youth, hoping to find it in a department store bottle. Many makeup brands promise this, but few deliver more than covering up some wrinkles and age spots.
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